What is Retail MBA?

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For the last 12 Years, Founder of Retail MBA, Karen Waksman Has Taught Close to 100,000+ Consumer Product Brands How to Approach, Pitch and Sell to Retail Chain Store Buyers The RIGHT Way – NO Sales Experience or Buyer Relationships Required! We Help You Prepare Your Product for Chain Store Success and Provide You the TOOLS You Need in Order to Get Chain Store Buyer Interest in a Fraction of the Time (and Cost)! We Also Teach People How to Sell to Online Retailers, HSN/QVC, Smaller Retailers, Corporations and More! 

Our Primary Way of Supporting our Customer Base is Through Our Advanced Training Programs with Coaching Systems, One-on-One Support, Done-For-You Services, LIVE Training Events and Our Retail Matchmaking Programs. Our Time Tested Proven Sales Methodology Works for Anyone at Any Stage of Their Business – From Startup Phase to Advanced Retail and eCommerce Sellers and in Every Product Category.

Retail MBA Client Success Stories

She Got a Vendor Number From BuyBuyBaby in a Week!

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His Products are in 1000’s of Retailers
Across the Country!

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He Got His Product into Major Retailers such as Fry’s Electronics!

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This Mom Entrepreneur is Now in Major Retailers such as Best Buy, Sams Club, etc.

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She Got Her New Product into Kroger Grocery Chain Stores and Other Retailers!

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He Got TWO Different Products into Wal-Mart Stores!

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About Karen Waksman

Karen Waksman, Founder and CEO of Retail MBA, is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker and Consultant. She has sold millions of consumer products to the world’s largest retailers now dedicates her time to teaching Entrepreneurs how to market and sell their products to major retailers, online retailers, catalogs and small retailers, too! Absolutely no sales experience or existing buyer relationships required.

Karen Waksman has taught product entrepreneurs and companies across the globe on the subject of selling to retailers. Her goal is to empower and inspire companies to transform their businesses by providing them all of the necessary information they need in order to become chain store vendors.

Most importantly, Karen’s clients have utilized her time-tested proven sales system to get their products into retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Kroger Grocery Stores, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Groupon and much, much more!

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