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Our Time-Tested Proven Methodologies Have Helped Inventors Learn Easier Ways to Make Money with Their Invention Businesses in a Fraction of the Time and Cost!

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Sell Your Inventions The Right Way

We Help People Get Their Inventions Out into the World and SOLD. Inventions.org is an Inventor Trade Association That is Committed to Helping Inventors Scale Their Inventions Business Today!

NO Sales Experience or Buyer Relationships Required! We Help You Prepare Your Product for Success and Provide You the TOOLS You Need in Order to Get Buyer Interest in a Fraction of the Time (and Cost)! We Also Teach Inventors How to Sell to Major Retailers, Online Retailers, HSN/QVC, Smaller Retailers, Licensing to Corporations, Selling Brands to Companies and More! 

Training Programs

Works at Any Stage of Their Business in Every Product Category

Coaching Systems

From Startup Phase to Advanced Inventions

One-on-One Support

Personalized Support, LIVE Business Development Training

About the Founder, Karen Waksman

Karen Waksman Founder of Inventions.org, has taught well over 100,000 people across the globe on how to approach, pitch and sell to major retailers, online retailers, catalogs, HSN/QVC, Groupon Goods and Much More! She started her career back in early 2000’s as a Manufacturers Rep selling to the World’s Largest Retailers, Online Retailers, etc!

Karen supported the original ‘Inventors Assistance League’ Association (Inventions.org) Pro Bono for Many Years (the World’s Oldest Trade Association for Inventors starting back in 1963). Karen supported their members with coaching and training on marketing and selling their inventions for profit! Client’s saw tremendous success with Karen’s training programs! Eventually they retired the Inventors Assistance League organization. 

Today, Karen has revamped the Inventions.org’s website, relaunched powerful training and is honored to support the Inventors Assistance League’s original vision…

Our goal is to support and inspire Inventors to generate revenue today with their brilliant products and ideas. So if you want to sell to major retailers, online outlets, small retailers, mail order catalogs, HSN/QVC, Groupon Goods and so much more! We have a coaching and training system available for each of these topics to support you!

Bottom line – Invention.org is a Trade Association that is committed to helping you with scaling your invention sales today. Absolutely no sales experience or buyer relationships required!

Want to Get Your Inventions Into Any of These Retail Chains?

Sell millions to the world's largest retailers! No Experience Required!

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